Welcome to Swootz. Swootz is a casual women's footwear company that was founded to create boots for women that are designed to be every bit as comfortable as they are casual and versatile. The materials that we incorporated into the design of our boots are a durable sweatshirt jersey material lined with polar fleece or faux lamb's wool (thicker fleece.) This makes it possible for girls to be able to wear the boots in a number of ways; whether they pull the legging up to just below their knee, scrunch the legging down to their calf, fold over the bootleg to expose the inner lining at a variety of lengths, or any combination thereof.

One of the great things about our design is that there are a myriad of materials, patterns, and design variations that can all apply to our base concept. Utilizing the sweatshirt jersey material, we are able to silkscreen logos, embroider designs, etc. onto our product, allowing for us to easily expand into a number of product lines, without having to develop an entirely new product.

Currently we have two styles that we offer; the Ravenna and the Magnolia. Both come in either gray or black. The Ravenna has a polar fleece lining and features a textured EVA sole that is very lightweight and good for moderate weather. Our second style is called the Magnolia. The Magnolia has a thicker faux lamb’s wool and is designed to be worn in more inclement environments like fall and winter seasons. It has a suede upper and more aggressive hiking boot sole. You can’t go wrong with either style.